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Welcome to VBC Online Magazine!


NEW VEG TV SERIES TO COMBAT OBESITY! ... Natural Family Online magazine has named VBC a Key Resource on the Web! ... What did your kid eat today???

Letter from the Editor
Melanie Wilson
"My husband and I met in Albania, a tiny country in Eastern Europe. We've been living overseas ever since and have raised our children in foreign countries, ranging from Eritrea in East Africa, Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific, and now Mongolia in North Asia..." Read more...


A Vegetarian in China
By Amanda Powell Castillo
"I have twin daughters who are nine and a son aged six, all vegetarian since birth and also now vegan. They love Asian food, especially my son, who would eat rice, miso soup and tofu everyday if I let him..."

Raising a Veggie Child in Hungary
By Györgyi Bezdan
"In Hungary, it is the women who are more health-conscious, and it happens quite often that the wife suggests that the family turn vegetarian. Men tend to be more conservative, especially when it comes to food. Unfortunately the life expectancy in Hungary is one of the lowest in Europe, and it is even worse in the case of Hungarian men..."

My Journey Through Veg Life in Italy
By Francesca Gasparini
"I'm from Romagna, the region of Italy facing the northern Adriatic sea. I have two children: the first, Arturo, is two years old; the second, Giuliano, only three months. They have been vegetarian really from the start. I've been vegetarian since September 1990. At the time I was eighteen. I became vegetarian following my nature, but only after becoming vegetarian did I understand that I kept eating dead animals as a duty..."


Would You Like Fries With That?
By Tammie Ortlieb
"I dished up some chicken nuggets for my six-year-old, a little honey mustard sauce on the side. Hands firmly planted on hips she informed me, “Oh, no. I can’t eat that. I’m a vegetarian.” And this from the most carnivorous child I know..."

Walt Disney World: A Place Where Veg Magic Happens
By Carol LaLiberte
"Last December I did the unthinkable. It was the only time in my vegetarian life that I can recall being so reckless. I left with my veggie family on vacation to Walt Disney World without any prior meal planning. I am one of those moms who dutifully packs food whenever we visit our non-vegetarian friends and relatives despite their assurances that they will have food we can eat. So how could I, how dare I pack up my family, board a plane, and never even make one pre-trip call?"

Shanti Golds-Cousens on Yoga and Raw Food
An Interview by Anna Hays
"Shanti Golds-Cousens was my very first yoga instructor, and she taught me much more than yoga. She taught me how to flow with the current of life, and live joyously and effortlessly. She introduced me to a completely different realm of being, embracing the ultimate love for Self. She is an inspiration, and I will always look up to her as a mother in my life..."

Equestrian Sports: Inhumane?
By Laura Schwartzman
"I think I've been disowned - twice. As a horse owner and participant in riding, some view me as an animal rights hypocrite; yet my criticisms of the sport tend to annoy fellow equestrians. With the Summer Olympics taking place this year, I implore animal rights advocates to investigate the situation! Problem is, the equestrian world is so diverse that forming consistent opinions on horse treatment can be nearly impossible..."

Non-Leather Alternatives for Horseback Riding
By Laura Schwartzman
"After writing an article entitled Equestrian Sports: Inhumane?, I scanned the barn and came up with the following equestrian products that I suggest replacing with vegan alternatives where possible. .."


E-Bar & Pro Pop, the Diabetic-Friendly, Vegan Energy Bar and High-Protein Popcorn
Reviewed by Dana Anderson-Villamagna
"An all-natural, vegan energy bar that kids say is yummy and athletes laude as easy to digest is almost as unusual as high-protein popcorn. But triathlete and entrepreneur Erin DeMarines O'Shea has managed to create both of those healthy snacks and form her own company while becoming an avid triathlete..."

Planet Dog Ribbon Ringo
Reviewed by Carol LaLiberte
"Planet dog, the company with the really cool dog catalogs and website has partnered with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to create Ribbon Ringo, a doggie toy with a mission. When you purchase this Saturn-resembling ball for $9.95, Planet Dog will donate $.45 to the Komen Foundation..."


The Nursing Mother's Herbal
Reviewed by Dana Anderson-Villamagna
"Taking prescription drugs or herbs while breastfeeding can be risky unless moms have good information about how it may affect her breastmilk and her baby. Fortunately, books like Thomas Hale's Medications and Mothers Milk (2004 edition now available), and The Nursing Mother's Herbal by Sheila Humphrey can help nursing moms navigate pharmaceutical and natural remedies while breastfeeding..."


  • Frozen Banana Pie
  • Grandma Sandy's Oatmeal Cookies
  • Festive Party Fruit Kabobs

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